The Peacock Fan (Belt and Pulley System)

Woolen Mill Fan

This highly ornate fan was designed for grand ceilings. The fan is available in a Bronze Patina and can be incorporated into the traditional belt and pulley system.
The fan employs a 1-inch flat belt in either leather or neoprene and comes with polished bronze pulleys(6" in diameter, 2 are provided with each fan) and blade holders. The blades are fashioned from solid mahogany.
Fan heights available: 3', 4' or 5'.
Body height: 32"
Distance from body of pulley to base of body: 6"
Diameter of blades: 5'

The final cost of belt driven fan is determined by adding Cost of Body + Cost of Motor (Search Motors) + Cost of Belting(Search Belting). Also see Optional Design Elements(Add-ons)

Peacock Fan Height

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