The Ostrich Fan (Direct Drive)

Woolen Mill Fan

Simple, but elegant design popular in homes,restaurants and stores can add an air of antiquity and nostalgia. The fan body is available in painted iron, iron patina or bronze patina.This direct drive fan requires a small gear reduction motor mounted above the mahogany mounting disk. 2 motor choices are available: Oriental Motor VH1206A-18U, a single speed 100RPM, On/Off switch compatible or Oriental Motor VH1206A-30U, a single speed 60RPM. On/Off switch compatible. The price of this direct drive fan includes the body, choice of motor, and choice of finished or unfinished mahogany mounting disk. Overall height is 26" .Body Height is 19" Diameter of Blades 5'.

Fan Mahogany Mounting Disk
Direct Drive Fan Motor Choices
Direct Drive Ostrich Option

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